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Deck Pressure Washing In Cumming

Cleaning wood using the softwash method is crucial. Many companies take their pressure washing gun right up against the wooden planks causing serious damage to the wood. This shortens the lifespan of the deck/fence. To preserve the looks and strength of the wood, we use the softwash method to remove any organic growth, then come in with some Oxalic Acid to brighten the wood.

Benefits of Soft Washing


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Soft Washing

Cleaning and restoration process

A wooden deck or fence is a considerable investment. Rot and decay can take their toll over time. Protect them by cleaning and restoring them regularly. When exterior wood needs restoration, you can expect the following steps:

Deck Restoration Cumming
What NOT To Do

Why do I need to maintain my deck or fence?

If properly maintained, your deck or fence may add years of beauty to your property. Keeping them in good shape also ensures their structural integrity. Our cleaning and restoration procedure will make your deck or fence will be safe, functional, and gorgeous.

Deck Pressure Washing in Cumming, GA
Our Process

Professional Deck & Fence Restoration in Cumming

One in every three homes in the United States has a deck. Wooden decks and fences are popular home upgrades that improve the usefulness and aesthetics of your property. You need to contact experienced exterior cleaning professionals to maintain them to preserve their natural integrity and beauty. Our expert deck and fence repair team in Cumming, GA, uses the industry’s most effective wood cleaning and whitening processes to limit damage and enhance life.

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FAQs About Deck & Pressure Washing in Cumming, GA

To keep your fence or deck looking it’s best, we recommend an annual cleaning.

Yes, your fence or deck with be 100% ready to stain or paint after our restoration process. 


Painting or staining is up to you.  Some people like the look of bare wood while others prefer the look of a stained or painted deck or fence.