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About Concrete Cleaning

Concrete Pressure Washing in Cumming

Surface cleaning is the process of cleaning concrete, pavers, or stone with high pressure. We use high-pressure washing to make the surface look as good as new. After spraying, we apply a soap that helps to kill mold and algae. By adding the soap, our cleanings last much longer than other washing services because the soap prevents the mold and algae from returning shortly after the cleaning.

Benefits of Pressure Washing & Soft Washing


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Soft Washing

Clean and Protect Your Concrete

To safely and efficiently clean away years of filth, grime, mold, and mildew from your concrete, brick, or stone, we use a technique called Smart Washing. Smart Washing utilizes a mix of surface cleansers, hot water, and a specific mildew-killing blend if necessary.

Then, using our pro-adjustable wands, we rinse everything down. You’ll be amazed by your home’s new curb appeal!

Clean and Protect Your Concrete
Before & After Concrete Cleaning in Cumming
Our Process

Concrete Power Washing

If your house’s concrete areas need a makeover, Matt’s Exterior Cleaning can help.We are here to help make your property beautiful and comfortable the way you like it with concrete pressure washing & cleaning in cumming.

To safely and rapidly remove layers of filth, stains, and other gunk from your concrete surfaces, we use power washing and cleaning equipment that is delicate yet effective.

Here Are The Types Of Surfaces That We Clean:

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The method of soft-washing allows for the house to look like new without the damage high-pressure can cause.

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FAQs About Concrete Cleaning in Cumming, GA

Concrete should be cleaned at least once a year to keep them in tip-top shape. Before starting, remove any items from the area—if it’s an outdoor patio, remove all potted plants, furniture, and decorative items.

We use specialy decreasers that will lighten the stains, but oil stains are never 100%.

We use a mix of sodium hypochroide and surfactants to help prolong the life of the cleaning.